Acupressure for back pain

Acupressure for back pain : Back pain is among the most common reasons for people to seek medical treatment. Discs, nerves, muscles and arthritis are reasons that you could suffer from back pain. While treatments for back pain can vary from stretches to surgery and many things in between, there are acupressure points that can help to manage back pain.

By applying pressure to certain points of the back, and using massage techniques designed to target key focus points of the body’s nervous system, acupressure practitioners are able to indirectly allow these overly tense muscles to relax, thereby relieving residual pressure that these contracted muscles may have been placing on the skeletal structure of the back.

By using the principles of acupressure, there can be a set of acupressure exercises that can be carried out to relieve pain. Exercises targeting common problem areas such as the back can be practiced by the patient without external help also. One of the easiest acupoint you can find lies in the branching of your thumb and forefinger bones. If you place your other thumb on that location and apply pressure on it, you should feel pain even with the slightest amount of pressure. Continue doing so for several times, and your back pain should go away if you have done so properly.

When pressure points are used to relieve pain, it does both jobs: it covers the symptoms as well as it improves the condition of the patient, therefore it is very helpful and secured method of healing pain in all areas of the back, including low back, buttocks, shoulders and neck.

Acupressure for lower back pain has been proven to be amazingly effective in giving relief from pain in back. Acupressure, when applied to various points on the body, performs the role of stimulating coordinating organs and muscles to minimize and even eliminate the pain, and further facilitates the release of chi to return the body to a state of balance.

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  1. I am suffering from back pain due to bulging discs can I be cured with this if yes then tell me about the fee

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