Acupressure uses the pressure points used in acupuncture but substitute’s pressure for needle stimulation. You can obtain many of the same benefits as with acupuncture. Various pressure points are used to treat different conditions. We will cover the best pressure points to use for acupressure for liver ailments.

The liver is a large organ located in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen. It is responsible for digestion, detoxifying the body, storage of glycogen, blood coagulation, platelet production and protein synthesis. The liver filters over a liter of blood a minute! If the liver fails completely a person will die as it is necessary for life.

The liver can suffer from a variety of diseases. Hepatitis A, B, C, and E can cause liver failure. Cirrhosis from alcohol consumption or gallbladder disease can damage the liver. Liver cancer can be a catastrophic disease.

Acupressure for liver can be used to stimulate liver health. While it is not a substitute for medical treatment, it can be a beneficial adjunct. Chinese medicine believes the liver is responsible for the movement of Qi or energy throughout the body and that blockages in this movement of energy cause disease.

Liver acupressure points can increase overall health as well as live health. The goal of acupressure treatment of the liver is to increase Qi flow throughout the body. To that end, many pressure points used to increase energy flow in general are also helpful to liver health.

LV3 is located on the top to the foot between the first and second toes. Use your knuckle, a pencil eraser or an acupressure tool to stimulate in clockwise direction on both feet. Do this several times throughout the day. This point supports the liver and immune system.

CV 12 is located on the midline one palms width above the belly button. This point can decrease nausea and indigestion. It’s often used with CV 6 which is approximately 2 fingers width below the belly button. Use an in and out pressure and clockwise circular motion to stimulate these points. You can use your knuckle or an acupressure tool.

The L1 point is located below the clavicle in the indentation in front of your shoulder. By crossing your arms over your chest you can stimulate both sides at once. This point helps ease fatigue and help breathing. It’s also believed to help stimulate Qi flow throughout the body. Use a deep circular motion using your fingertips brought together in a point or uses an acupressure tool.

Using these acupressure for liver points each day can increase your energy and immune function and help your body function at its best. While this will not cure serious illnesses of the liver and does not take the place of medical care it can support your health and assist your body’s own immune system.

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