Acupressure can be used to relieve a number of different problems. In this article we will talk about acupressure for neck pain. Various reasons exist for neck pain. One cause of pain in your neck can be wry neck. Essentially wry neck or torticollis is a crick in the neck. This is usually from sleeping wrong or sometimes from trauma.

Five acu-points are used to relieve neck pain caused from wry neck:

1. The first point is Gv-16. This acu-point is located in the hollow at the base of the skull.
2. Si-15 is located at a 45 degree angle from the base of the neck (where the neck appears to attach to the body) and just to the side of the spinal column.
3. After you have located Si-15, draw an imaginary straight line from the point to the outside of the body. GB-21 will be one fingers width above this line and TW-15 one fingers width below on the mid-clavicular line. Just imagine you are drawing a line down your body dividing it from front to back right at the middle of your collar bone.
4. The final acu-point B-10 is located on either side of the neck at the second cervical spine level about three fingers width below Gv-16.

Now that you have found the correct acu-points, you can begin treatment. Apply firm pressure, hold for three seconds then release. Apply pressure in a circular motion to the trigger points. You may feel a knot or tightness and there may be tenderness at the site. This is a good sign you are in the right place. Continue to apply pressure until you feel the area relax. You can also apply ice therapy to the area.

Many people want to apply heat or use massage to the neck when they have wry neck pain. These treatments can actually worsen the condition. Heat increases congestion to the area and massage can actually increase muscle spasm. Avoid manipulating, pushing or pulling the muscles in this area. Avoid using heat therapy.

Use gentle pressure to the acu-points several times daily. Begin at the first sign of discomfort. You should feel relief of pain that increases each day. If for any reason pain persists, you should see your doctor.

Always use caution with any alternative treatment if you are pregnant, a child or have preexisting medical conditions. Also, if you have an undiagnosed injury acupressure does not take the place of medical treatment.

A very neat site to help you locate acu-points is on the Stanford Medical Education Site. Just type in acupressure point finder online in your browser.
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