It has been over 5000 years since acupressure was discovered and it has been used regularly since then by countless people to relive pain and increase circulation to various organs in the body. Many women have tried applying acupressure to induce labor after they passed their due dates.

Some doctors do not believe in inducing labor with drugs. The longer the baby remains in the relative comfort and safety of the womb, the more time it has to develop fully. However; the woman who is past her due date will try anything to get relief and can benefit from applying acupressure to induce labor.

Applying acupressure to induce labor is simple, safe and natural. There are no drugs involved, you can stop if it feels uncomfortable and it is in most cases very effective. When you use acupressure to induce labor, there are no adverse side effects.

All you need to know about applying acupressure to induce labor are the key pressure points and where to locate them on your body. If you want to, you can reach most of them yourself, or you can have our partner or a friend assist you. Acupressure, unlike medications, does not “force” labor, it helps your body to start the delivery process naturally.

What do you need to know about applying acupressure to induce labor? Mainly you need to know where the points are located and how to find them.

Three effective pressure points are:

1. Hoku or adjoining valley – located in the webbing between your thumb and index finger. If you feel your index finger and run your finger to the base of it where the bone connects with the rest of your hand, this little pressure point is located almost underneath that bone. If you press on that area, you will feel some tenderness. Once you find the “tender” area, this is the location of the pressure point. This pressure point is also effective for pain relief during labor.
2. Three Yin Crossing – located four finger widths above the ankle, directly next to the bone on the inside of the leg. Again, search for the point that feels tender. This pressure point can help to ripen the cervix and make weak contractions stronger.
3. Shoulder well – located at the highest point of your shoulder muscle about four finger widths from the joint of your shoulder towards the base of your neck. Another good pressure point for pain reduction.

Remember, the best way to locate the various pressure points is by applying pressure in the vicinity of the point to locate the most sensitive area. Once you have located a pressure point, the best finger to use to apply the pressure is your middle finger because it is longest and has the most strength.

There are many other pressure points, but it is best to examine a diagram so that you can be sure of their locations. The best part of acupressure is the induction of a natural delivery, without drugs and most importantly, without a c-section. If you are very overdue, uncomfortable, miserable even, you should definitely give acupressure a try. It is effective and simple and you could find yourself in the delivery room sooner rather than later.

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