Introduction Accupressure

Introduction Accupressure : Acupressure is drugless, natural healing therapy with excellent results if done by an expert. Termed by patients as one of the best acupressurist or acupressure therapist with good knowledge, skill and experience, Dr Anjali Sharma has helped people in living a pain free rejuvenated life with good health. Patients with chronic sickness and painful suffering often wonder when they see good response and relief in first session itself.

Dr Anjali Sharma (DPT, PGDHH, MD Acu, PhD Acu.) is looking after the acupressure clinic at EBMC. She has good command over subject and has successfully blended Tradional Chinese Medicine TCM knowledge with modern clinical expertise. Dr Anjali Sharma first makes acupressure diagnosis based on TCM, selects treatment acupoints and makes sure that you regain good health through her gentle healing techniques. She has successfully helped patients of arthritis, sciatica, back pain, cervical spondylosis neck pain, slip disc, migraine, PMS, dysmenorrhea, stress, asthma, allergy, vertigo, hypertension, insomnia, fibromyalgia, impotence, chronic fatigue syndrome etc. 

She explains acupressure as a unique natural therapy which brings our body in harmony with nature. Acupressure therapy comes from traditional Chinese medicine TCM. According to TCM our body is a system of life force energy called qi. Our body receives energy from environment, from food, water, sunlight, air etc. This energy flows in certain channels in body called meridians. As long as this energy flows uninterrupted, organs in body work properly and in harmonious manner. But if this energy gets blocked, stagnated, gets depleted or even gets in excess, this results in disorder in organ functioning leading to state called disease. In acupressure treatment specific trigger points called acupoints are pressed which results in release of muscle tension and free circulation of blood and of life force energy called qi. It improves functioning of all body organs resulting in better health.

Dr Anjali successfully uses different variants of acupressure according to patient’s condition and disease. Acupressure variants include traditional acupressure, reflexology, acupoint therapy, acu massage, Jin Shin Do therapy, shiatsu, pressure point therapy, marma chikitsa etc.

Treatment Schedule :

Treatment is done in sessions. How many sessions will be required and how often depends on many factors like patients health condition, how old is sickness and how much it has affected the body.  Patients coming from far off places often tell Dr Anjali Sharma that they don’t mind traveling long because the relief they get by her treatment is much more valuable.

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