Acupressure treatment is derived for the Chinese treatment method of acupuncture. It is used to treat conditions like back pain, high blood pressure, headaches, nausea and more.

The acupressure treatment style uses the application of pressure on certain points on the body to provide relief from a wide array of ailments. The treatment method is quiet similar to acupuncture, but instead of the use of needles acupressure uses elbow, hand, fingers, wooden spoons to apply pressure. According to the Chinese medicine practitioners energy flows through the body via meridians and they believe that there are about 14 meridians in our body with thousands of pressure points.

Practitioners of acupressure treatment say that manipulating the pressure points stimulates the body’s natural healing power. The principal behind the treatment method is that when the life force in the body is disrupted we experience problems and are susceptible to ailments. Acupressure with it’s subtle manipulation ensures uninterrupted flow of energy and boosts the immune system. When pressure is applied on certain points in the body, the brain releases endorphin which is a natural analgesic. Acupressure also improves the flow of oxygen in the blood stream thus helping cure various problems.

The spinal column consists of a series of 24 bony segments which are known as vertebrae. In between every vertebrae bone, there is a soft cartilage tissue with a jelly like substance in it and is referred to as disc. It serves as a cushion and protects the bones from getting rubbed against each other. Slip disc in back is a condition where there is a rupture or split in one of these discs and its gel like content comes out of it. When a section of the degenerated disc starts exerting pressure on the nearby nerves in the spinal cord, then it gives rise to painful symptoms. It is also termed as herniated disc or prolapsed disk. It is more commonly found in lower back region but slip disc in upper back or neck can also happen.

Normally after a slip disc in back, people resume their duties within four to six weeks. As explained above, slip disc treatment mostly involves performing some gentle exercises, painkilling medications and massage. Surgery is considered as the last option. In majority of the cases, a bulging disc will eventually shrink back. When the disc stops pressing on the nerve, the pain also subsides gradually. Studies and statistics show that most patients get better without surgery. Maintaining your weight close to ideal can prove to be beneficial if you have had slip disc.

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